Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize Museum

Also last week, we paid a short visit to the Nobel Peace Center (while the rest of the Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, the Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo. We had a limited-time tour of the museum, but it was interesting nonetheless. The kids enjoyed the interactive children's section about refugees throughout the world. Most striking was the room where digital photos and text about each of the Peace Prize recipients were featured. They were not in any particular order (that I could tell), so it was a little hard to find specific people, but the overall effect of the room was quite stunning.
An interactive touch screen told the story of a refugee camp from the perspective of a young girl.
It was actually quite touching. She talked about gathering cardboard to help make their shelter,
and playing football with a ball made of rags wrapped up with string.

Display of all the Peace Prize recipients

2010 Peace Prize recipient, Liu Xiaobo

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