Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finding our Way part 2, The Library

Today we were able to make our way to the main branch of our local library. The Professor now has a national ID number in Norway, so he signed up for a library card and we all were able to check out some books in English. They have a couple of aisles of English books--not a ton, but since we've read most of what we brought so far, this was a refreshing change for us!! We were also able to find some audio books in English.

The local handicrafts group had a fascinating display, all done in felted wool. It was set up as a table setting with food and all. Everything you see in the following photos is felted wool.

Addendum: I've since found out that the national association of local handicrafts groups (Husflidslags) are celebrating their 100th anniversary. This display at the library was the local group's entry for a national display of handicrafts in Oslo commemorating the anniversary celebration. This one display was quite impressive, I'm sorry to have missed the anniversary celebration earlier in the summer!


  1. Wow that is some fancy work. Seems a shame to do all that work for a food display. From a picture it really looks real. Can't believe all the different crackers they made. Thanks for sharing. G & G Carlson

  2. I love audio books! Hmmm, maybe a new craft for you to take up, Wife of Professor?

  3. Yay! You found a library! ;)
    I love the detail of that display.