Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miscellaneous Quirky Things

Here are a few "quirky" things we've loved so far:

It's called "rapid salat" which means, "quick salad." I bought it because it was the freshest-looking lettuce in the produce section, but then I discovered that it is actually lettuce with the roots still attached and sold in this little plastic pot. We pulled off leaves to eat and then watered it and kept it in the window sill for almost 3 weeks, growing a few more leaves along the way!

These photos are from the Akershus Fortress in Oslo. After the Reformation, many of the catholic churches were torn down. Not wanting to waste the rubble (very Norwegian), the bits and pieces were used in new construction. If you look carefully, you can see decorative bits embedded in this quite utilitarian stone wall that is part of the fortress complex.

A colorful floral planting in a public garden in Oslo. Look closer and you will see that the centerpiece is actually different colors of chard (Swiss chard is what we know it as). Chard is an edible plant we have grown in our own garden, though not to this lovely effect! It tastes like a mild form of spinach. No one was brave enough to pick and eat this harvest, though.

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