Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Another Norwegian Christmas tradition we enjoyed this weekend was Julebord. We have started attending an international church near Oslo, and have been getting to know people from 30 or more different countries who are here to work, study, and live for a year or two or for good. Each year this church puts on a catered meal for the Christmas holidays, called Julebord. You see these around during this time, fancy buffet dinners with all the holiday treats (I suppose what my Swedish-American family would call a Smorgasbord). Everything was delicious, and we particularly enjoyed the several different kinds of salmon, whitefish, prawns, etc that are fresh and wonderful here in the North Atlantic!

Our Julebord feast

The kids were particularly intrigued (and intimidated)
by this salmon cooked on the bone with the head and tail left on!

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  1. Now that looks like a real feast. Especially would have loved to try many of those fish dishes. We don't have any Salmon with the heads left on, or we could have tired that here for Christmas. Wonder how those cousins would have to say? G & G Carlson