Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julemarked (Christmas Market)

This week the Professor has headed back to the states to attend theses defenses and meet with students to make sure things keep running while he is here. In his absence, the rest of us ventured into Oslo to the Norwegian Folk Museum for the annual Julemarked (Christmas Market). I was quite proud of myself for managing to drive into the city, find parking, and negotiate the museum on my own with the kids :)

The Folk Museum has buildings from all over Norway and from many different historical time periods. During Julemarked, handicrafters from all over the country come to sell gifts and craft items. There were so many wonderful things. It was such fun to browse, and to see the buildings in their winter setting. It was cold the day we went (-15 C, which is like 5 degrees F), so we ended up heading home early and didn't stay for the folk dancing, etc in the later afternoon. 

We last visited this museum in October, on a chilly fall day. So now middle child has asked, "Can we come back here sometime when it is warm?"! We definitely have plans to return in the summer. During the tourist season they have many more activities going on out on the grounds.

Loved these jumpers made from felted wool (didn't check the price tag!)

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  1. Maybe we could visit again when we come? It should be a little warmer by then we hope. G & G Carlson