Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back in Sweden

Arriving back in Stockholm early in the morning, we were met by one of the Professor's cousins (third cousin, or second cousin once removed, something like that!) We had a really fun breakfast with his family at their house boat just outside Stockholm. It is a real house, built on a concrete foundation, but it floats in the marina where it is permanently moored. It was such a lovely space, and the morning was clear and bright, just right for being on the water. We had a fun time getting to know them better.

Leaving Stockholm, we hit a major traffic jam that kept us at a turtle's pace for well over two hours. However, once we got through all that, we enjoyed our drive down to the southern part of Sweden. This is the general area where most of our relatives (on my side as well as the Professor's) originally came from before immigrating to the U.S. We didn't have any contacts for my side of the family, but it was fun to see what the land looked like. We really couldn't get over how much similarity there was to the upper Midwest of the U.S. where those ancestors ended up. Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin all would have seemed quite familiar as far as the lay of the land. We saw lots of farms in this area that could easily have been transported to the Midwest, except maybe for the style of the farmhouses.

Breakfast on the water, it doesn't get any better than this.

This marina has several house boats of the type our cousins own, as well as many other kids of "real" boats.

Swedish farmland

More Swedish farmland. This area had, at one time, the highest concentration of dairy cattle in the whole country

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