Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tampere, Finland

Tampere lies between two large lakes with quite a difference in level. 
In the 19th century, large cotton mills were established here to take advantage  of the hydroelectric power.

The old industrial buildings have been renovated to make space for shops, restaurants, and entertainment. 

Along one of the dams, we saw evidence of a local custom. When couples get engaged, they lock a padlock onto this fence and then throw away the key into the river. Many of the locks are engraved or at least have the initials of the couple and the date of their engagement.

While in Tampere we had to taste one of the local delicacies--Tapola Black Sausage. It is a blood sausage made with barley, pork, and blood protein. It was interesting! It is usually eaten with lingonberry jam. We are proud to report that we all tasted it, even the youngest two.

Finland has many lakes, and it reminded us a lot of northern MN.
Here was a cove where many people leave their boats tied up, not just along the docks but also on the shoreline.
They must take the motors with them and just leave the boats locked up on shore.

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