Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stockholm, Sweden

I have been neglecting this blog terribly in the past month. After our two week trip to Sweden and Finland, we had over 800 photos to sort. We also were in the home stretch for finishing school and starting to think about packing to go home again in July. Whew! But, I did want to include some photos of our travels, so here are some very brief highlights.

Our first stop was Stockholm, Sweden, where we spent two days sightseeing. The Professor and I spent a week here in the 1990s and enjoyed our time immensely. This trip was equally enjoyable, but traveling with five children is not at all the same as being there as a young couple! We spent two long days, but still didn't even begin to see everything that we wanted to visit.

The Vasa Museum. This was a favorite museum from our previous visit. This 17th century ship sunk in Stockholm harbor on its maiden voyage. It was amazingly preserved by the cold water of the harbor. I think it was finally brought up in the 1961, and now is housed in this museum. It is the only preserved ship from the 17th century in the entire world. It was a flagship and commissioned by the king, so it is very elaborately carved.

The museum is kept dark to help preserve the ship, so photos are very difficult,
but this is one of the better ones the Professor took.

Stockholm harbor and the Old Town area as seen from our hop-on/hop-off boat tour

The Royal Palace

We took the guided tour of the Royal Apartments.
Twin B charmed our young tour guide at every stop, and also wondered quite loudly, "Where is the king??"

We also toured the Armory museum, and had a chance to see how heavy those helmets and crowns really were!

Our second day was devoted to Skansen,
an open air museum with traditional buildings representing all the different regions in Sweden

A Midsummer's Pole

Another view of Stockholm waterfront from high up on the hill in Skansen

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