Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Boxes have Arrived

Some of you know that we have been waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for the boxes we had shipped via ocean freight. The boxes travelled via UPS from our Houghton shipping shop to Chicago, then rail freight to New York, then ocean freight to Oslo. We had to pick them up down at the port in Oslo. Paul had a rather interesting experience trying to get through customs red tape. He needed to get customs to clear the freight before he could pick it up. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring his passport the first time he went (downtown Oslo). However, he also found out he needed to have proof of employment in Norway, and written verification (his offer letter) from his employer. Frustrating to say the least, particularly because he had a colleague drive him downtown, expecting to have 12 boxes to pick up. Well, we arranged with a neighbor to take him the next day, and thankfully things went very smoothly from there. One of our neighbors works with an export business and was able to help him know specifically where to find the shipping company.

It was a little like Christmas around here as we unpacked and found things from home (some that we had forgotten we had even packed). Mostly the boxes held winter clothes, boots, and our sleeping bags. But we also had some books from home, a few toys, and some kitchen supplies. Now we feel like we are truly settling in.


  1. First it boxes to pack to get to Norway and now it's boxes to unpack after you are there. You've certainly dealt with boxes on this experience. G & G C

  2. Yes, and we hate to think about having to pack everything up again next summer!