Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Sunday we ventured into Oslo again to visit A, a friend of a friend (her dad lives next door to my brother) and to get a glimpse of the Holmenkollen Ski jump. The plan was to meet them at the top of the hill/mountain that overlooks Oslo where the jump is located. We would then stroll down, view the jump, and continue on to their home in the neighborhood just below. (As she put it, "if you take the jump, you land on our house"!) Alas, Norwegian weather intervened. It was grey when we started up on the bus and misting when we got to the top of the hill. It turned to an honest-to-goodness rain as we started down on our walk.

I hope to get back again to take better photos, because the jump itself was quite impressive, and the views of Oslo and the fjord would be amazing on a clear day. This is the one shot I took as we went by at a brisk walk. You can see the jump--to either side are stands for spectators, as well as directly in front of the landing area (which is not wholly visible in this shot). There is even a glass-enclosed viewing area. The whole site is under construction in anticipation of the World Championships to be held here in February 2011. There are two ski jumps here now, with plans to build smaller ones as well that can serve as training grounds to help revive the sport. When it is not under construction, I believe you can take an elevator up to the top.

As we rode up on the bus, we went around the back way and got a good look at the top of the jump (the steep part). Middle Child remarked, "I don't think I would want to do that." Thank Goodness! I thought.

We arrived at their place thoroughly soaked despite our raincoats, but she managed to find dry clothes for most of us. We enjoyed soup and bread and waffles along with good conversation. (Waffles are a favorite snack here--A served them with jam and the unique Norwegian brown cheese, a surprisingly good combination!). A is an American who married a Norwegian and has lived here for, I think, going on 20 years or so. They have a daughter the same age as Young Teen.

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