Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More adventures with food

So, the Professor and I have seen variations of this "pudding in a box" advertised heavily on TV. It didn't sound or look appealing to us, but the kids desperately wanted to try it. It is just what you might imagine, pre-made pudding sold in a box. We thought it might look somewhat more appetizing served scooped out rather than just cut into squares (see the front of the box). Admittedly, the red raspberry sauce doesn't do anything to improve the looks! The verdict? Only Boy summed it up best, "It's not very chocolatey, it's just brown!" It isn't creamy like the puddings we know, it has more gelatin and less flavor. They sell a vanilla sauce that might taste slightly better on chocolate, although we have found the raspberry sauce is very good on vanilla ice cream. Chalk this one up to: probably won't try that again!


  1. That brings back so many memories of living in Vienna. Bringing stuff home from the grocery store that we had no idea was something different than what we thought it was. My mom bought some juice for me once to take to school, found out it was juice for babies. I was mortified!!! :)

  2. It looks good on the box and I'm with the kids, "Lets give it a try". Pudding as we know it, would be my guess. Too bad! G & G