Monday, October 11, 2010

The Norwegian Folk Museum

Saturday, we ventured out to explore the Norwegian Folk Museum. We saved the inside museum, featuring cultural exhibits and handicrafts, for another day and opted to explore the park area. Buildings from all over Norway and from different time periods have been moved here and reconstructed to give a taste of Norwegian history and culture. We particularly enjoyed one city building that featured about 4 or 5 apartments, each with furniture and decor from a different era (1905, 1930, 1950, 1979, and present-day). We also had fun peeking into the log homes and farm buildings.
The candy shop, also selling potatoes grown the "old fashioned" way here at the museum

The fall colors are at their peak now.
One of the apartments--children's room from 1905, I think. The dollhouse on left was amazingly detailed.

Storehouse from a mountain farm. Notice the sod roof and log "stilts" to keep it dry.

Interior of an old farmhouse. I cannot imagine doing all the cooking on a corner fireplace like this. The homes are very dark inside and must have been dreary in the long winters.

Wow, a table we could all fit around! Made from almost full length wood planks.

This is a contraption for ironing. You wrap the cloth around the roll and then "press" with the flat wood piece. The carved wood "iron" was a traditional engagement gift from a young man. It was carved to show off his skills. If the young woman accepted the gift, she indicated she was accepting the marriage proposal.

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