Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I've been up to

Without my volunteer activities and the need to drive kids around for school, lessons, and what-not, I have had a little more time here to enjoy some of my hobbies. Quilting is pretty tough (didn't haul along my sewing machine, although there is one here at the house), but I did bring along my knitting bag. My first completed project is this sock (see above). I've never knitted socks before. I was a little intimidated, because knitting on multiple needles is not my favorite thing. However, this was not actually that hard. Thanks go out to my sister-in-law, M, who gave me the yarn and pattern last Christmas (!). The yarn is really soft and comfortable (Merino wool, bamboo, and nylon--Serenity sock weight by Premier yarns, if anyone wants the specifics). I started this last June when we made our scouting trip to Norway. It got put aside back in the states, but I picked it up again after we arrived here. At this rate, I'll have a pair by Christmas! Or maybe into the New Year?? The feeling of accomplishment is a bit dampened by the realization that now I have to knit another sock.

I took a break from socks to experiment with this "pom-pom yarn," which seems to be all the rage here (it's in all the yarn shops we've seen, which admittedly is about 3 so far). Grace saw it first and had to have one of these scarves. You knit it on big needles (size 12), and just kind of adjust as you go so the knitting stitches end up between the pom poms. Casting on was a big headache, but once I got going, it wasn't all that difficult. The fuzzy bits are soft like chenille, so the scarf has a lovely soft feel to it. I've not been keeping up with yarn in the states, so maybe some of the knitters out there can tell me whether this is a European thing or available more broadly? It comes in lots of fun colors, some bright and some more subdued like this blue/green. Even found red, white and blue at one store, but then when I think of it, those are Norway's colors, too!


  1. I'm very impressed!! I'm quite certain that my life will come to a close long before I've knitted anything...or used a sewing machine again for that matter (even though your mother and mine paired up to make sure I knew how to sew).

    BTW - I've been thinking of you all recently as I've been reading Kristen Lavernsdatter, set in Norway. Although, I'm sure a lot has changed in the past 600 years. :)

  2. Thanks, Catherine!
    I'm glad you are reading Kristin Lavernsdatter--I read it years ago, what an amazing book. I've been thinking I ought to get a copy to re-read now that we are here, too! I did read recently The Long Ships, which is a historical novel about the Vikings, kind of fun to read it "on site"!